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No, you're not imagining things, we used to have an amazing indoor playspace as part of our business.

Due to the pandemic, the playspace part of our business had been closed for about a year and we recently decided to close it permanently.

When the pandemic hit last March, we made a swift pivot to online sales. We poured our money, space and time into that aspect of our business, and luckily, it worked. We’re still here!

But, we knew we had a big decision looming. For much of the past year, our “playspace” was filled with boxes, inventory, orders, and bubble wrap. As Texas started to re-open earlier this year, we were fielding more and more questions about the playspace and birthday parties.

We had two choices: 1) Rent more space and move our shipping operations elsewhere or 2) Permanently close the playspace. We decided to go with option 2. This choice was not a difficult one, but it WAS an emotional one.

Our kids grew up here, we made the best friendships and memories here, and we’ve loved watching your families grow.

Seriously, MUCH fun was had in our playspace.

But signing another lease is not what is best for our business or our families.

So to recap: the playspace is permanently closed. The shop is still very much open and we will be using the playspace area as our “warehouse.” We're taking suggestions on what to call the warehouse area - our favorites so far are "ship station" and "order storer."

I know many of you will miss the playspace - we will too! We plan to use some of our space for community activities (pop-ups, crafts, demos, and more!). We’re also excited about our future and the new investments we’ll be able to make toward being the best little toy store in Texas.

We are so grateful for your support over the years, whether you came to our playspace, shopped in our store, or both. And if you were always more of a “playspace” THL family than a “shop” THL family, we hope you’ll start coming to us for your gift and toy needs. 


Caitlin and Suzanne

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Vicki Neutzler
Vicki Neutzler

July 07, 2022

Could you share with me where you purchased some of the unique equipment you had in your shop for kids to play on when it first opened? I’m looking for some simple climbing & crawl throughs for some toddler classrooms.

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