March 08, 2021 2 min read

Easter baskets are such a fun way to gift a few treasures to your littles. We love picking three or four small toys, adding one special candy and one summer essential (think a swimsuit or sandals). 

1. Sarah's Silks: Use a playsilk as the "grass" in your Easter basket, and then play with it all year long. (Bonus: we also love using these to "wrap" small gifts year-round. Beautiful and eco-friendly!)

Green Sarah's Silk used as cape

2. Schleich animals: These super-detailed animals fit perfectly in an Easter basket. We also love them for water/sensory play.

Schleich lamb

3. Playmobil Add-On Sets: We added so many fun "add-on" sets to our Playmobil line-up and you guys have been loving them! They are the perfect size for an Easter basket and so much fun. The items in yellow boxes are their 1-2-3 line and are great for ages 18 months to three or four. The regular Playmobil items are ages 4+. 

Playmobil Fairy Set

4. Jellycat springtime animals and books: The Jellycat bunnies are an Easter basket mainstay, but we also love their books and other spring animals (the Little Chick-- so cute!). 

Jellycat Tails Spring Book

5. Springtime books: Here is my yearly reminder to you guys: The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes is my FAVORITE kids book. If you don't have it yet, grab a copy for your Easter basket. The full version is a little long and probably best for ages 4+. We have other great springtime books to choose from as well. 

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

6. Holzitger: Tuck a few of these wooden animals around your basket. They're handmade in Germany and so charming. 

Holztiger Sheep

7. Ooly craft supplies: We've upped our craft game in 2021 and Ooly has such a fun variety of crayons and markers. 

Ooly Beeswax Crayons

8. Do-a-Dot: Did you have Do-A-Dot markers as a kid? We did, and we were so excited to bring them into the shop! We also love the accompanying activity books. 


9. Maileg: Maileg is made for Easter baskets (everything is tiny!). There is nothing sweeter than a little matchbox full of plush mice in your Easter basket. 

10. Plus-Plus tubes: It's no secret that we LOVE Plus-Plus, and the tubes are a great Easter basket option. 

Plus Plus tube

Happy Easter!


Team THL

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