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Hello! We're The Happy Lark, and every year we publish a holiday gift guide featuring our favorite toys (some old favorites, some new favorites) to help you pick out the best gifts for the kiddos in your life, ages zero to six. We encourage you to browse around on our website to see the other amazing toys we offer. 

We organize our gift guide by age, but many of our toys span a wide age range, so make sure to look in the section above and below the age you're looking for. 

We can ship to you or the gift recipient, or if you're local to Fort Worth, you can also select "Pick Up" at check out (our amazing shop is right by Bonnell's!). 

Zero to Six Months

Baby's First Grimm's: You guys know we LOVE Grimm's, and we were thrilled to bring in some of their baby items to the shop this year. For your littlest wooden toy lovers, we recommend the Rainbow Rolling Wheel (regular and mini) and Rose Quartz Rattle.

PipSquigz Ringlets: Fat Brain is one of our favorite brands for infant toys, and this set of silicone rings is no exception. They are the perfect size for baby's hands and are fun to link together and suction to flat surfaces as baby grows. 

Jellycat Tails BooksJellycat is known for their super-soft stuffed animals, but we've dubbed these crinkly and fuzzy books their best item for infants. Use the loop to attach it to a stroller or car seat, or let baby explore the different textures during tummy time. 

Winkel: The Winkel is a long-time favorite here at THL, and for good reason! We think it's the perfect first toy. It's easy for baby to grasp, and you can throw it in the freezer to soothe achy gums. 


Six to Twelve Months

Rock N' Roller Piano: This recently released item from Fat Brain is our new favorite musical toy. Spin the wheels for a delightful (and not too loud!) chime or use the included mallet on the xylophone. This toy is perfect for tummy time or a new sitter. 

Tegu Magnetic Racer and Magnetic Swivel LadybugTegu toys combine wood and magnets, and we just love them. These two are specifically made for babies, and they are a great introduction to the magic of magnets! 

Grimm's Nesting Bowls: This is our top pick for a baby toy that will be loved for years. Nest them, stack them, scoop with them, pretend with them... we just love the Grimm's nesting bowls!

Dimpl: Work on fine motor skills with the "baby fidget toy" and don't be surprised if adults find it hard to put down too! 

Whirly SquigzSuction these to any flat surface (even a vertical one!) and then spin them and watch them go! Throw these in your diaper bag and take them to restaurants for instant entertainment. 

One Year-Olds

InnyBin: The InnyBin is a new product this year and you guys have been LOVING it! Buy this if your kiddo is in the stage where they love to put things in.... and then take them out... and then put them in... and, well, you get the picture!

Guidecraft Form Sorter: Guidecraft is one of our new brands this year, and we love them for their educational and beautiful products. This form sorter is the perfect first puzzle, and is a great introduction to shapes as well. 

Spinny Pins: Here's a little secret. We have a Spinny Pins demo out in our shop, and every toddler that walks in eventually finds his or her way to these delightful spinning tops. They wobble, jingle, and shake, and kiddos just love them. 

Grimm's Three in a Boat: Take them out, put them in, and rock the boat back and forth. This is another great baby item from Grimm's (and how cute is it?!). 

Baby Stella: Baby Stellas are the perfect first doll (totally soft and snuggly, and the magnetic pacifier is always a hit!). We have a ton of different skin tones and options, and the stroller is our personal favorite accessory. 

Spin Again: This unique take on a stacking toy has been a THL best seller for yeeeears and it's easy to see why! Kiddos love watching the discs twirl down the stick. This might be on our list for a one year-old, but we're betting your older kids will love it just as much! 

Two Year-Olds

Playmobil 1-2-3: Playmobil is an absolute favorite at our house, and we love their 1-2-3 line. It's specifically made for ages 18 months to three (read: no choking hazards!). Hint: the advent calendar is SUCH a fun tradition. 

Guidecraft My First Block Box: If you are looking for a classic gift that will be loved and used for years, this is the one for you. Younger kids start by stacking two or three blocks on top of each other. Older kids can build ball runs, castles, and anything else they can dream up! 

block box

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog: This spiky guy from Learning Resources is a fun way to work on fine motor skills (and the spikes store inside-- winning!). 

Little Adventures: This brand is known for their comfortable and washable dress-up. So if you have someone on your list that prefers to stay in dress-up clothes all day, then look no further! 

SmartMax Animals: We think of these little animals as the perfect introduction to the SmartMax universe. Mix and match the animals - decide which combination you think is the silliest! 

Three Year-Olds

BRIO: Every kiddo needs a classic set of wooden train tracks, and BRIO is the best! Wooden train sets combine creative play with building, and those are basically our two favorite things, so we are fans. 

Guidecraft Roadway System and Accessories: Oh, er, what was that? Building and pretend play combined?! Yep, we also love this set of wooden roads. Add your own cars or add on the accessory set for mailboxes, road signs, and more. 

Grimm's Pastel Boxes: We love these boxes because they have SO many uses. Yes, they stack and nest, but turn them on their sides and build an awesome modular doll house (or is it a multi-level garage?!). 

Jumbo Animals: These animals are the perfect size (BIG) for little hands! With so many sets to choose from, you're sure to find a grrrrreat one for your kiddo.

Four Year-Olds

Holztiger Animals: This brand of wooden figures is one of our best sellers, and it's easy to see why! The variety is huge, and each animal has its own charming personality. 

Sarah's Silks Giant Play SilksWe've loved Sarah's Silks for years, but we just added the giant play silks this year and they are so much fun. They are approximately 9 by 3 feet, and are a great addition to your fort building materials! PS-- if you don't own any play silks yet, you might start off with one of the regular sizes. They are perfect for dress up, pretend play, and so much more! Check them all out here

Playmobil: I've said it before (earlier in this blog post, in fact!) but Playmobil is a favorite at our house. Four is a great age to introduce it, but don't be surprised if it sticks around till your kids are ten! Start with one big set and a few smaller sets like the easy-to-transport carry cases. Then, for the perfect stocking stuffer, grab a few of the Playmobil Figures blind bags for some fun characters and the element of surprise that kids love. Also-- the advent calendars! Such a fun tradition and a great way to get new Playmobil characters. 

SmartMax: We love SmartMax because it covers a wide age range. It is perfectly safe for littles (big pieces!) but is loved by the big kids. Use the magnetic rods and balls to make unique structures. 

Five Year-Olds

Bauspiel Castle: Bauspiel new to THL this year (so many beautiful things!) and we love this castle for a few reasons. The ten pieces can be re-arranged into different formations. They are substantial pieces and a beautiful addition to your wooden toy collection. 

Kanoodle and Kanoodle Jr: We love a good travel game as much as the next parent, and this one is sure to challenge your kiddos' growing brains. The junior version is for ages 4-7, while the regular is 7-99. We can personally attest to the fact that yes, YOU will be challenged by the regular. So maybe a good stocking stuffer for a kid or an adult?! 


Treasure Tubes: These acrylic and wood tubes are the perfect place for kids to store their treasures (of which they have so many!). They can take them outside to collect different flowers and leaves, or use them to stash their marble collection. Or, try the Treasure Blocks for beautiful nature or artwork display. 

MagnaTiles Metropolis: This big boy MagnaTiles set is such a fun addition if you already have a solid collection of regular MagnaTiles. If this is your first foray into the brand, we recommend starting with the 100-piece set. The Metropolis set features different shapes, including stairs, a windmill, and a ton more.  

Squigz: Squigz are a silly and unique building toy. The "little suckers" suction to any flat surface and each other. 

Six+ Year-Olds

Schleich: Schleich is known for their highly realistic animals (even the foot prints are realistic-- perfect for play dough play!). The dinosaurs are showstoppers, and the smaller animals are perfect for stocking stuffers. 

PlayMais: PlayMais is a super fun craft that encourages creativity. The pieces are made of corn and are bio-degradable. Get one damp with the included sponge and stick it to another piece. For older kiddos, use a plastic knife or scissors to cut down the pieces to create details. 

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library and Studio in a Box: Kid Made Modern makes the best craft kits! They are high-quality and unique, and sure to provide hours and hours of entertainment. 

Jixelz: Jixelz are teeny tiny puzzle pieces that fit together to make awesome creations-- no ironing required! Follow the template or go for Jixelz Creator to make your own designs. 

Plus-Plus: Plus-Plus is a different kind of building toy-- just one shape, but endless possibilities. We have a wide variety of options. Older kiddos tend to prefer the smaller size, but the bigger size is great if you still have littles running around. 

MadMattr: MadMattr is a play dough-like substance that never dries out (and isn't as messy as some similar products!). We love the brick building tool for older kids. Make LEGO-like pieces that hold their shape until you squish them back down. 

LEGO: We have an awesome collection of LEGO and Duplo (including advent calendars!) and they are always a hit with the big kids. 



Thank you so much for shopping with us this holiday season! If in store shopping is your thing, come see us soon. Our hours and location are here.


Caitlin and Suzanne