August 13, 2021 1 min read

We're excited to welcome Hey Clay to the shop! We'd been hearing buzz about this brand for a while. One of our little ones is into arts and crafts, so we decided to let her test it out.

Kits include 18 cans of colorful, air dry clay and an activation code for the Hey Clay App. On the app, you can access interactive guides with step-by-step instructions the help your kiddo sculpt six different creatures.

Lena (age 5) thought the app was really cute and enjoyed the "video" instructions. I appreciated that it was intuitive and easy for her to use.

Plus, making the spider gave us an opportunity to practice problem solving, counting, spatial reasoning (understanding big/small, top/bottom, above/below) and fine motor skills. It also spurred us to look up facts about spiders.

And her final creation is adorable! (Not biased at all).

Here's what the iPhone app looks like.

Enter the activate code (included in your Hey Clay kit), to get access to the interactive guides.

Pick which creature you'd like to try first! We went with spider.

Follow the step-by-step instructions. It naturally pauses between each step, which allows kids to build and create at their own pace.


Tada! Let your creation air dry and enjoy.

Want to let your littles check it out? Shop Hey Clay online here or come see us in-person at our Fort Worth location.

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