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Is anyone else spending way more time outside with their kids than they used to? Just me? We've actually had sort-of nice weather (knock on wood) and one small silver lining to this pandemic has been spending time outside with my girl. 

We've pulled together our favorite in stock toys to make your outdoor time even more fun.

1. Jumbo Animals


We used these for shadow drawing - so fun! They also wipe clean easily and can get wet, so let them go exploring in the dirt or mud with your little ones. Or toss the ocean set in a mini pool or water table! (Also fun with water? Suction Kupz!)

2. Treasure Tubes and Treasure Blocks

Let your littles continue to explore the treasures they find on nature walks, and add some beautiful and natural decor to your home at the same time! #winwin

3. Bug JarJumbo Magnifier, and Kidnoculars

Magnify the fun on your backyard bug hunts! These products are all sturdy and provide real magnification. 

Plus - have you seen our tips on how to use Magna-Tiles and Way to Play outside!? We LOVE toys that can be used multiple ways, inside and out!

We're hoping to add more outdoor products to our line up, so stay tuned!




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