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Hey THL friends! Well, the sign my kiddos made at the beginning of the pandemic is literally yellowing, and we are here for another COVID update. 

This picture is from March. This sign is YELLOW now. Jeez. 

BUT, this installment of the COVID chronicles does come with a bit of good news:

Our shop is OPEN!!!!

Starting Tuesday, May 26th, we will have limited shop hours. Our new hours (for the time being, subject to change, etc...) are:

Monday: 9AM-11 AM

Tuesday: 9AM-11 AM

Wednesday: 9AM-1PM

Thursday: 9AM-11AM

Friday: 9AM-1PM

At this time we will be a credit card-only shop. 

We realize these hours are limited and might not work for all customers. Right now, we really do have to take our family schedules into account (because no school, no childcare, y'all get it!!) so this is what we can offer at this time. If these hours don't work for you and you're really itching to come in and do some THL shopping, please email us at hello@thehappylark with what times work for you and we will make it happen.

Like other shops in Texas, we can open but at 25% capacity. When you arrive, come on in. If we are already at 25%, we'll ask you to wait in your car for a few minutes. No big deal at all. We would LOVE to see you guys. Our staff will be wearing masks-- we would appreciate it if adults would do the same. We've removed our demo toys and will be sanitizing high-touch areas between guests.  

Look at our two hubbies fake shopping during a photo shoot we did back in (early) March. What guys! Always here to help us out. 

Reminder: You can TOTALLY still shop online. If you are local, and you'd like to do curbside pickup, you have two options:

1. Select "Pick Up" instead of "Ship" at checkout. This has been a little buggy, hence option two.


Either way is great with us. You'll receive an email when your order is ready  (usually less than 24 hours). Curbside pickup is Monday through Saturday, 10-11AM. Give us a call when you get here. Pop your trunk and we'll place your order in your car. 

And oh yeah-- we hope this goes without saying-- if you prefer to shop online and have it shipped to you, we'd absolutely LOVE to do that too. 

The bottom line is this-- any way we can serve you through the shop right now, we'd absolutely love to do that. Because yeah, we still have this whole big other part of our business that is sitting there, totally unused (we're looking at YOU, playspace). We are SO GRATEFUL to our shop customers right now for sustaining us through COVID. 

Ug. Look how fun it looks in there!! We are starting to field more questions about when the playspace will open. We really don't know yet. We are still working through the Governor's announcements to determine when we can open. Also, we won't necessarily open on the very first day we are able. It has to sit right with our soul. When we decide to open, you guys will be the first to know. It probably won't be any time in the next week or two. 

On that note, a HUGE shout-out to our members that have chosen to continue to support THL. Yep, we still have people paying their membership fees (and gosh do we love them!). This time will be added on to the end of their membership whenever they do decide to cancel. When we do re-open the playspace, it will be a members-only, by reservation-only facility to start. As we re-open more, we will add new members and then eventually (hopefully) go back to our old system of memberships and day passes. Reminder that members can still get 25% off anything in the shop right now. Email us your wish list and we'll invoice you with your discount, or come in and shop and mention your member discount. 

But let's re-focus on the positive part of this post-- the shop is going to be OPEN!!!!! We are so excited. We absolutely can't WAIT to see you in a safe manner. We will definitely want to give you a hug, but we will absolutely resist. But just know.... we really want to!!! 

See you soon!

Caitlin and Suzanne

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