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UPDATED 2/2/2021: This blog post is no longer applicable, as we are now allowed to sell Ostheimer on our website! Click here to shop Ostheimer.

Hey friends! As many of you know, we carry Ostheimer but are NOT allowed to sell it on the website. We can, however, invoice you via email. We will tryyyy to keep this updated.

To order: email us at hello@thehappylark.com with OSTHEIMER ORDER in the subject line. Put the item and quantity that you want. We will invoice you with what we have available. You will have twelve hours to pay your invoice. Orders will be invoiced in the order they are received.

Please be patient, as we may have to wait for others to pay their invoice (or not) before we move on to your order. If we are unable to fulfill all your items, we will invoice you for those that are still available. If we can't fulfill any of your items, we will let you know. 

Our normal shipping fees apply to these orders; for most of you, that's free shipping at $75. Read shipping details here


1. Deer, Eating; $13.75; 1 available

 2. White Horse; $27.50; 1 available


3. Haflinger Colt; $20.50; 2 available


4. Cow, Brown, Eating; $27.50; 2 available



5. Ox; $27.50; 2 available



6. Alpine Calf, Drinking; $23; 1 available


7. Ox, Black and White; $27.50; 3 available

14. Ostheimer Play Scarf-- Lemon Yellow; $10; 2 available

15. Ostheimer Play Scarf-- Orange; $10; 2 available

16. Ostheimer Play Scarf-- Crimson Red; $10; 2 available

17. Ostheimer Play Scarf-- Pink; $10; 2 available

18. Ostheimer Play Scarf-- Lavender; $10; 2 available


19. Ostheimer Play Scarf-- Dark Brown; $10; 1 available

20. Ostheimer Play Scarf Set-- Spring; $50; 1 available

21. Ostheimer Play Scarf Set-- Summer; $50; 1 available

22. Ostheimer Play Scarf Set-- Autumn; $50; 1 available

23. Ostheimer Play Scarf Set-- Winter; $50; 1 available