June 18, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

How is it we are making plans for JULY??? Insane. Our plan as of late has been to take it one month at a time-- make a plan, and then stick with it for one month, and then re-evaluate. That allows us to "plan" a little bit and avoid the mental whiplash that comes with the ever-changing situation. So yes, we have a plan for planning. That's where we are at. 

So here's our July plan:

1. We are sticking with private playdates. You guys have been loving these, and honestly so have we. It's been a great way to kind-of-sort-of re-open the playspace. Despite the Governor's latest declaration, we are keeping our capacity at 25% (fifteen people total). We are changing our dates to two slots on Fridays and three on Saturdays. If they continue to book up, we might add more. You can go ahead and book your July playdates, so grab a spot before they're gone! 

 playspace kid and dad

2. We are not currently booking birthday parties. It just doesn't sit right with us to book (and charge for) full birthday parties when you can't invite a typical amount of guests. So, we suggest you book a private playdate for a small-scale celebration with close family and friends. (Doesn't that sound kind of lovely anyway??)

play house

3. We will continue with limited shop hours. We will be switching up our hours slightly. We'll announce the July hours later, but we are going to be adding some late afternoon hours (yay!). 

Grimm's shelf

4. We have some big stuff coming in the next few weeks. We have a new brand coming that we know you guys are gonna love, and a big Grimm's order coming at the end of June. Stay tuned, and make sure you're on our email list! You can sign up at the bottom of our website. 

hooray banner

... stay tuned, and we can't wait to see you in July!


Caitlin and Suzanne