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Take a gander at the ten-day forecast. Rain chances range from 20% to 80%. Every. Darn. Day. We've been blessed with some really lovely weather lately, but it might be time to stock up on a few indoor activities! 

THL shop shelf

Before we get to the rainy-day picks, here is a review of the different ways you can currently shop with us: 

We are booking appointments for single-family shopping. Book your appointment here

Or, shop online with us! Locals, you have TWO ways to let us know that you will be doing a curbside pickup:

1. Select "Pick Up" instead of "Ship" at checkout. This has been a little buggy, hence option two.


Either way is great with us. You'll receive an email when your order is ready  (usually less than 24 hours). Curbside pickup is Monday through Saturday, 10-11AM. Give us a call when you get here. Pop your trunk and we'll place your order in your car. Or you if prefer, checkout as normal and we'll ship it. 

1. PlayMais: This is our new obsession. I made a little tiger our of PlayMais and it was the highlight of my week, so I can say this is good up to at least age 33. PlayMais is 100% biodegradable and made of corn and food coloring. You slightly dampen the provided "sponge." Get one piece of PlayMais a little wet and then it will stick to another. You can use scissors to cut the pieces into smaller details. We also really love the mosaic kits (these have smaller PlayMais pieces than the tubs and come with templates). My eight year-old daughter helped us pick these out, so we have it on authority that "eight year-old girls like horses, dogs and cats." 

playmais mosaic

Play Mais examples

2. Giant Coloring Posters: Tape it up on the wall or spread it out on the floor-- these giant posters will make for hours of rainy-day fun. Add a set of Kwik Stix (quick drying paint sticks) to up the fun factor.

giant coloring poster 

3. Family-sized puzzles: We've purposely been stocking puzzles that are a little out of our normal age range, because we know the "older" crowd is looking for some mental stimulation too! How cute is this 500-piece dog puzzle?!

4. Leap and Launch Rocket: We love this as a fun indoor gross-motor activity. Can your kiddo stand on one foot and stomp the rocket with the other? For older kiddos, use the planet mats as targets and explore how the angle of the launcher affects the rocket's trajectory. 

5. Spin Again: GUYS! This has been a THL favorite for, oh I don't know, almost five years! It's been our of stock for several months but it's baaaaack! Have a toddler? Need a keep-them-busy toy? The Spin Again fits the bill! It's a unique take on a stacking toy and everyone who buys one says it's a big hit (seriously!). 

spin again

6. Kid Made Modern craft kits: Save up a few cardboard boxes, add one of these AWESOME craft kits, and let the rainy day fun begin! 

7. LEGO: Last but not least, LEGO is such a perfect rainy day activity. Follow the instructions to start, but play with your creation for days and weeks to come. Reminder that we don't sell LEGO online, but we've linked our current stock as well as instructions on how to order from us (for locals only).


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