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Updated 3/4/2021

We now sell our LEGO online. Please see our current selection here

As some of you know, we carry LEGO in our shop, but we don't sell it online (because #shipping and #margins). Anyway, since we are still not open yet, we wanted to give you guys an update on what LEGO we have in stock. These are for curbside pickup only. 

If you see something you'd like, email us at and we will invoice you. 

Many of the items we ordered were not available, but here is what we have! 

DUPLO: Duplo is LEGO's line for kids ages eighteen months to three or four. 

1. Duplo All-In-One Box of Fun: $29.99 (OUT OF STOCK)

duplo all in one box of fun

2. Duplo My First Bricks: $19.99 (OUT OF STOCK)

duple my first bricks

3. Duplo My First Number Train: $19.99

duple my first number train

4. Duplo My First Tow Truck: $9.99

duple my first tow truck

5. Duplo Town Bakery: $34.99

duple town bakery

6. Duplo Town Bedroom: $14.99

duple town bedroom

7. Duplo Town Playroom: $14.99

duple town playroom

8. Duplo Town Playhouse: $59.99

LEGO City: These are a great introduction to LEGO. If you have a young builder, try one with a "4+" on the box. 

1. LEGO City Barbecue Burn Out: $9.99

lego barbecue burn out

2. LEGO City Garbage Truck: $19.99

lego garbage truck

3. LEGO City Great Vehicles Construction Bulldozer: $19.99

lego city construction vehicles

4. LEGO City: Great Vehicles Monster Truck: $9.99

lego monster truck

5. LEGO City: Great Vehicles Safari Off-Roader: $19.99


LEGO Classic: We love these sets as a starting point, or if your kiddo is more into building their own creations than following directions. 

1. LEGO Classic Bricks and Ideas: $9.99

2. LEGO Creative Suitcase: $19.99 

LEGO Creator: LEGO Creator is for a bit older kiddos-- six or seven and up. The really cool thing about them is that each set can be made into three different things. So kids can either pick their favorite and leave it built, or make one, take it apart, and make another. 

1. LEGO Creator Deep Sea Creatures: $14.99

lego creator deep sea

2. LEGO Creator Helicopter Adventure: $9.99

3. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaur: $14.99

lego creator dinosaur

4. LEGO Creator Monster Truck: $14.99

lego creator monster truck

LEGO Disney Princess

1. LEGO Disney Princess Arendelle Castle Village: $81.99

lego arendelle castle

2. LEGO Disney Princess Ariel's Storybook Adventures: $21.99

ariel's storybook adventure

3. LEGO Disney Princess Aurora's Royal Carriage: $11.99

4. LEGO Disney Princess Cinderella's Castle Celebration: $31.99

5. LEGO Disney Princess Moana's Ocean Voyage: $11.99

6. LEGO Disney Princess Mulan's Storybook Adventures: $21.99

LEGO Friends: 

1. LEGO Friends Mia's Shopping Play Cube: $9.99

2. LEGO Friends Olivia's Hamster Playground: $9.99

3. LEGO Friends Olivia's Shopping Play Cube: $9.99

To place an order for curbside pick-up, email us at

Thank you!


Team THL

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Janet Wood
Janet Wood

November 22, 2022

1. LEGO Creator Deep Sea Creatures: $14.99

2. LEGO Creator Helicopter Adventure: $9.99

3. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaur: $14.99


June 12, 2020


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