May 05, 2020 2 min read

Are you one of the parents making a contingency plan in case "distance learning" extends to the fall? I think this possibility is on a lot of minds. I am SO grateful to already have a home full of quality toys that can be adapted to homeschooling. While I really, **really**, hope my kids are back at their elementary school in the fall, I am not taking it for granted. If you too are quietly making a plan for homeschooling in the fall, you're probably looking to stock up on educational toys. So many toys are both fun and educational (YAY!), and here are a few of our favorite FUN toys that can also be used in a more educational setting. 

1. Guidecraft Treasure Tubes: Send your kids outside to explore and observe. They can store their special treasures in these tubes and the research can continue indoors. 

Treasure Tubes with outdoor treasures in them


2. Letter Blocks: Use these to work on letter recognition in different ways. Our favorite? Make some homemade play dough (here's our favorite recipe) and use these to cut out letter shapes.

Letter Blocks 

3. Grimm's Twelve-Piece Sorting Helper: Sort, count, organize, and play with your loose parts and outdoor treasures. Use all twelve boxes at once or use less if needed. Sort coins, rocks, leaves, toys, and more. 

Grimm's 12-piece sorting helper

4. Schleich animals: These plastic animal figures are known for their detail and accuracy. Study animal features and learn about different animal adaptations. We love the "What If You Had Animal Ears?!" line by Sandra Markle if you're looking for a book add-on. 

Schleich rabbit

5. Guidecraft Unit Blocks: If you're investing in some staple toys for your home, unit blocks are a must. We have two sets-- a 28 piece and a 56 piece. This classic toy is so versatile. We find that many people expect their young children (one to three) to really embrace these, but don't be surprised if your older children actually take to them more. AKA if you have some, and they go unloved, don't give up on them! Guidecraft has a few fun add-ons-- these lovely woven baskets for storage and these Block Mates to turn your blocks into vehicles. 

Unit Blocks

6. Grapat Perpetual Calendar: I mean, let's be honest. What could be more perfect during this time? It's a calendar that emphasizes the PeRpEtUaL nature of time. Oh my. Yes. What a great thing to teach our kids right now. 

perpetual calendar

Props to you homeschoolers, and well-wishes for those of us who are trying to make good decisions for our kiddos. We'd love to hear your thoughts!!



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