July 11, 2019 2 min read

Join us June 12th, 2019 through June 14th, 2019 for a Play Dough Bar at THL! Come play and for an extra $3 make your own custom play dough. Pick your color, scent, and glitter. Mix it up and play with it at THL, and then take it home with you. 

Most families have that one special recipe that gets passed down from generation to generation. Our family sure does. 

play dough recipe

It just happens to be a recipe for play dough!

Our mom has taught Kindergarten or Pre-K for many years (still is!), and every summer we were tasked with making several fresh batches of play dough. It's cheap, it lasts longer, and has a better feel than regular play dough. 

When I texted my mom a few nights ago for the recipe, she sent it over to me immediately, because one should always have their play dough recipe on hand at all times. 

My kids and I actually tweaked the recipe by cooking it in the microwave. It was super easy, especially if you want to make a half batch. My mom's recipe will make one large (classroom-sized) batch or four generous individual sizes. 

We personalized our play doughs with food coloring, scents, and glitter. It's fun to make AND fun to play with. We love that! You can add the color and scent before you cook (the easiest, but then you are limited to one color per batch), after you cook but while it is still warm, or even after it is cool. 

If you add the color and scent once the dough has cooled, it will have a slightly more marbled effect, but that goes away with play. 

We wanted to try out adding the color to cool dough so we could set up a nifty little "Play Dough Bar" at THL this weekend (more details on that at the bottom of this post). This pink color was added before we cooked the dough. You can see it is a little more consistent. 

We also mixed in some glitter after the dough was cool. It's actually a pretty nice way to use glitter since it sticks really well to the play dough. 

Bottom line-- we LOVE making and playing with play dough. On top of that, play dough is so great for fine motor skills. Rolling and kneading the dough develops muscles in little hands. These same muscles will help them hold a pencil and write their name some day. Yay for play dough! Come see us this Friday through Sunday and make your own CUSTOM play dough to take home. 




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