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So.... it looks like many of us will be spending a lot of time indoors with our kiddos over the next few weeks. Worried about how to keep your kids occupied? We hear ya. We put together a list of our favorite indoor toys to help keep your kids busy and engaged (and keep you sane!). Locals: want to order online and pick up in-store? Use code INSTOREPICKUP. We'll even bring it out to your car if you call the shop when you arrive! #smallshopbigservice

1. Mad Mattr

It's no secret how much we love Mad Mattr. It's like a combination of play dough and kinetic sand, but better than both because it never dries out (seriously!) and can hold shape when squished together. Add whatever tools, cookie cutters, and/or random figurines you might have lying around and... voila! Tons of indoor fun. Add these letter blocks for an educational twist. 3+. 

2. Kid Made Modern craft kits

These bright and cheery craft kits include materials to spark your child's imagination, such as pom poms, googly eyes, fuzzy pipe cleaners, and more. 3+.

3. Djeco puzzles

Why do we love puzzles so much? They help develop skills in problem solving, fine motor, concentration/persistence, memory, color and shape sorting, and visual reasoning. And they're fun! Annnd these Djeco ones are particularly well made and beautiful. Options for 12 months up to 5+. 

4. Magna-Tiles

Magna-Tiles are a must have for any kid's toy collection. They attract even while tiles are flipped, so they always connect. You can count on hours and hours of building fun, for years and years. Today, we built a garage and a road for her hot wheels and had a blast! 3+. 

5. Jixels


Jixels are our latest addition to our Fat Brain Toy collection, and we're smitten! Connect tiny puzzle pieces for unlimited creativity. Kids can use the included templates to create the pictures shown, or make their own creations. 6+.

6. Suction Kupz 

Looking for something to occupy your toddler? Fill up the bathtub or sink with water, add bubbles, maybe a rubber duck or two, and Suction Kupz. Each of these six colorful, squishy cups features a suction cup on the bottom and a suctioning brim at the top. Perfect for sticking, squishing, scooping, pouring, and floating. 

7. Legos


Open ended, durable, creative building toys. Use them forever and then pass on to the next generation. We're fans of this classic set that comes with a suitcase for easy storage. We don't sell Lego online, but we have a variety of Duplo and Lego sets in-store. If you're looking to shop online with in-store pick up, let us know what type of set you're interested in. We can let you know what we have and invoice you! 18 months up to 6+.

8. Giant coloring roll or poster + Kwik Stix 

Giant coloring surface + fast drying paint sticks = instant indoor fun! 3+.

9. Plus-Plus

Do you know about Plus-Plus yet? One simple shape provides endless opportunities to build and create. We got some samples of these before bringing them into the shop and we all got hooked - kids and adults! Two sizes: big size for ages 1 - 6 and regular size for 5+. 

10. Squigz


Another Fat Brain favorite! Squigz connect to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface. They flex. They stick. They suck people into creativity. At my other job as a pediatric physical therapist in an outpatient clinic, these get almost constant use and kids of all ages LOVE them. Technically 3+, but you can remove smaller pieces and use the bigger ones with younger kids too.

We hope this list gives you some indoor play inspiration and helps you and your kiddos get through the next few weeks. Stay healthy friends! And if you can, show your small businesses some love to reduce the impact on your local economy. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, buy an online gift card to a local boutique, purchase toys from a small shop... it all makes a difference!


Caitlin & Suzanne 

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Hi, Can you please tell me where you got the yellow tray for the mad mttr? I am looking for something just like that. Thanks

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