March 04, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

Did you follow along with the story of our wayward Grimm's shipment? 

Grimm's Hearts overview shot

It had these beauties in it (in red and rainbow), and..... 

Child playing with Grimm's hearts

.... it arrived right after Valentine's Day. Hah! 

Grimm's hearts with rainbow

But it turns out this sweet little set is actually very versatile. 

Grimm's red hearts

Heart eyes! 

Grimm's red hearts stacked

As with all Grimm's, the texture of the hearts make them extra stackable. 

Grimm's hearts

So while we missed the chance to get these to you by Valentine's Day....

Grimm's hearts and rainbows

... we think you will enjoy these year round! 

Grimm's hearts

They come in this lovely red color palette as well as rainbow

Grimm's red hearts and natural rainbow

Look how fun they are paired with the natural rainbow

Grimm's hearts

What do you think? Is it love?

(We say yes!)


Team THL