September 02, 2021 2 min read

Squigz have been a longtime THL favorite. But, if you've never played with them before, it can be hard to understand what they are and why they're so fun! So, here's a quick overview of all things Squigz.

This blog post is going to focus mostly on the original and mini-size Squigz for ages 3+.

From left to right: Squigz Deluxe SetMini SquigzSquigz Starter Set

But for baby/toddler parents we do carry a bigger, chunkier version of this toy called pipSquigz which are recommended for ages 6 months - 2 years. The perfect introduction to the Squigz family!

Squigz are silicone, flexible pieces that have suction cups. They can stick to any smooth, non-porous surface and they can also stick to each other. 

Stick them to a tray and build a "garden." 

Use them as a bath toy.

Stand and stick them on a smooth vertical surface like this window, or try a mirror or the fridge. Make a shape if you like!

(As many of you know, I'm a pediatric physical therapist in addition to co-owner of THL and my occupational therapist friends LOVE using Squigz this way to work on arm strengthening. Plus, pulling them apart and pushing them together works on hand strengthening and coordinating both sides of the body together).

Add to the fun by hanging ribbons, beads, or scarves on the Squigz. Work on color matching, or mix it up.

Or, try weaving ribbon between the Squigz. This can be done with the Squigz on a vertical or horizontal surface.

In the original size, we carry the Deluxe Set, the Starter Set, and Squigz 2.0. Squigz 2.0 are the same size as the Deluxe and Starter Set, but come in some different colors and also have some pieces with flat discs that allow for building in different directions.

We also carry the adorable Mini Squigz, which are smaller than the original.

Aren't the minis cute?!

Plus the small size makes them perfect for travel.

We hope this gave you some play ideas, and we'd love to hear how you and your family use Squigz!

Shop Squigz (and other great Fat Brain toys) here.


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