August 26, 2021 2 min read

Six wooden vehicle toys

For many of our customers, a Grimm's vehicle is their first wooden toy purchase. They're great for younger kids (1+), they're a lower price point, and they have a long shelf life (meaning kids will probably play with them till they are five or six). 

blue truck and orange convertible

We wanted to snap a few comparison pictures so you guys can see the size difference between the large blue pull-along truck, large red truck, small blue truck, bus, small convertible (green or yellow), and large convertible (blue or orange). 

Six wooden vehicles

The convertibles all come with their own friends (aka Grimm's peg people) which we LOVE. The bus has three seats for friends, but they aren't included. 

Two wooden trucks

The large blue and red trucks are the same size. The blue truck has a pull string on the front and comes with ten rainbow wooden slats. I love the idea of the wooden slats for toting and hauling. My kids were never in to pull toys, but maybe that's just us! 

two blue trucks

The small blue truck is more on scale with the convertibles. Any of the trucks would be perfect to haul around Grapat mandala pieces or any other small trinkets your kids are loving. 

wooden bus and convertible

The bus is probably my favorite Grimm's vehicle. I do kind of wish it came with friends, but we have a few other sets that have friends so we just borrow from those. 

three wooden cars

We have a large convertible at home, but gah, the small is just so cute! We might need one. 

Anywho, that's it. If we had to pick one of these to start with, it would be a large convertible, but the large red truck would be a very close second. And then the bus a verrrrry close third. We <3 Grimm's vehicles. What about you?!

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