October 02, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

Tomorrow THL turns THREE! On the eve of our birthday, we are so, so excited to finally officially announce that we are MOVING! It's been a not-so-well-kept secret over the past few months, and we're ready to give all the details.

Who: It's us! The Happy Lark. 

What: We're moving!

Where: To the corner of Bryant Irvin and 183. Right behind Mi Casita, right next to Music Go Round, and across the street from Bonnell's and Country Day. 

When: Our last day at our current location will be December 21st. We will reopen at our NEW location on January 3rd. We should say, that's the plan. We'll let you know if any of that changes. 

Why: We think it's the perfect location for our business as it continues to grow. 

The new space is about 400 sqft bigger than our current location. We'll have a little more room in the shop, a little more storage, and let's just say some smarter use of space that will give us more room for PLAY all the time. More details on that to come. We don't want to give away all the good stuff on the same day. 

The decision to move was a big, scary decision for us (What's that? Why yes one of us is having a baby in late November. It's gonna be totally FINE. What could go wrong?!). But, ultimately we know it's the right choice, and when we look back on our business, we hope we see this move as the best choice ever. 

For all of you who are always asking when we're opening a second location-- our goal right now is to get our little business settled, secure, and successful in its new home. Then, we'll start looking toward the future and the possibilities around growing. 

So here's the thing. We need your help. Will you help us make our move an amazing success? Here are three things you can do:

1. Tell ALL your friends and family. "Have you heard The Happy Lark is moving?! They're re-opening at the corner of Bryant Irvin and 183 in January!" 

2. Share this blog post. Like our Facebook and Instagram posts about our new location. Comment on them. Tag that friend that you've been meaning to meet up at THL for a playdate. 

3. The big one: spend your money with us! Stop by. Grab a gift. Buy from our website. If you see us post about our favorite new product.... buy it from us! Is that tacky? Too forward? Maybe. But this Holiday season, make an effort to keep more of your money in local small businesses. Please don't find your kid's new favorite toy at THL.... and then buy it on Amazon. The number one way to make sure Fort Worth has a vibrant small business community? Spend your money in Fort Worth!! The best way you can support us through this transition is to keep spending your money with us, plain and simple. 

Here's our very first ever Instagram picture during the build-out of our current space. Keep an eye on social media for sneak peeks of the new space!

So to recap..... THANK YOU for all your support these last three years! We will see you at our current location through December and we will re-open at the corner of Bryant Irvin and 183 in January! YEAH!


Caitlin and Suzanne

P.S. To celebrate our birthday and big announcement, we're doing a give away! Come play OR make a purchase at THL (online or in the shop) between October 3rd and October 9th and enter to win your choice of either a 100-piece Magnatile set OR a 12-piece Grimm's pastel rainbow!