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Need some gifting inspiration for little ones in your life? Use our 3rd annual holiday gift guide! We've picked our very favorite products for each age range, newborn to six. Make sure to check out the age above and below your kiddo's too. Lots of our toys span wide age ranges. Free domestic shipping on orders of $50 and up. If an item is out of stock, check back soon. We'll be re-stocking periodically throughout the Holiday season. 

(P.S.-- We didn't put any of our great holiday books or toys on this list, but to check those out, click here.) 

Newborn to six months

Wee Gallery Playmats: These soft, organic playmats make a sweet gift for the modern mama. The large mat (pictured below) is super soft - and machine washable (yes!). Our co-owner, Suzanne, couldn’t resist having one for her new nursery! The smaller mats feature rattles, squeakers, teething rings, and crinkle paper to hold baby’s interest.
Quincy Mae: We cannot get over how much we love this line! Organic, adorable, and affordable baby basics. SO soft. Plenty of options for boy, girl, or gender neutral for those waiting to find out! Each piece comes in a variety of colors so you can mix and match. 



Winkel: In our opinion, the best grasping and teething toy on the market. One of our co-owners, Caitlin, gifts the Winkel at every baby shower because it was the ONLY toy her daughter could hold and get in her mouth at 4 months old - which is basically all she wanted to do at that age! Colorful loops made from soft, pliable plastic are easy to grasp and hold, plus you can even stick it in the freezer to sooth a teething babe.




Whoozit Water Mat: The perfect toy to make tummy time more entertaining! Fill the mat with water and let your babe learn early cause and effect - when he puts his hand on the mat, the water moves and more shapes float by.



Wubba Nub: The. best. pacifier. Created by a mom to help her baby hold onto his pacifier longer, these adorable animals often become one of a baby’s first friends in life. We're partial to Mr. Fox, but browse our collection to pick your fave!



Six to twelve months

Dimpl: It's the new hot thing, y'all! These have been flying off the shelves since we got them in a few weeks ago. A simple, but irresistible, sensory toy featuring silicone bubbles built into a sturdy plastic frame. Little fingers love to push them all the way in to pop them through to the other side. It's lightweight enough to toss in your bag for on-the-go fun. We put it in the six to twelve month category, but this is one of those toys that older kids can't seem to put down either!



Sensory Rollers: Another current fave! Roll, bounce, toss, discover - each of these three, high-quality silicone spheres features a unique design that encourages little hands to pick them up and explore. Chimes hidden inside each ball make a gentle noise with every movement. 



"Indestructibles" Baby Books: Ideal for little readers who are still in the "everything in the mouth" phase. Chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof! These books are printed on a unique 100% nontoxic, paper-like material that can hold up to anything babies throw at it. 



PipSquigz Perfect for playtime, bath time, high-chair time, and any time! The high-quality silicone suction cups will stick to each other or to flat surfaces. Plus, each PipSquig is also a rattle.


One year-olds

Suction Kupz: These colorful, squishy cups will stick to any flat surface - table, wall, window, bath tub... the possibilities are endless! Each set contains six cups in an array of bright colors. 


Spin Again: It's still our #1 seller, and a must-have for every one year-old. Babies and toddlers are mesmerized by the discs whirling down the spindle. 


Baby Stella: We think Baby Stellas are the perfect first baby doll for your one year-old. We love that they come in two different skin tones, AND that there is a boy doll as well (boys totally benefit from playing with dolls too!). The magnetic pacifier is fun and easy enough for littles to do themselves. 



Whirly Squigz: Little ones love sticking these to any flat surface, spinning them, and watching them whirl! Perfect fidget toy.


YBikes: Stand behind and push it, or sit and ride on it! Caitlin's daughter, Lena, loves to give her stuffed animals rides on her YBike. It was gifted to her on her 1st birthday and at almost 3 years old, she still loves whizzing around the house on it. Pick your favorite color - pink, blue, or red. 


Two year-olds

Little Adventures: We believe strongly in the importance of pretend play - does your little want to be a princess? A pirate? A mermaid? A knight? A ballerina? Little Adventures has you covered! These dress ups are made to be soft, comfortable, easy to get on and off, and machine washable. Play, wash, repeat. 



Myland: We're very choosy about allowing battery operated toys into our shop, but the bright and cheery Myland collection passes the test! While engaging in creative play, toddlers also learn cause and effect - when they place the dolls in the toy, lights and sounds follow. For example, in the house collection (pictured below), the lamp lights up, birds chirp, the fire glows, and more. 

Playmobil 1-2-3: This isn't the Playmobil of your childhood! Playmobil's awesome 1-2-3 line is specifically designed for ages 18 months to 3 years. That means no little pieces! It's Playmobil design and quality with the safety you need for your toddler. 

Bilibo: The Bilibo is on our list again! So....what is it? We get that a lot! The Bilibo is designed to spark your child's imagination. They can sit in it and spin, stand on it, carry toys in it, put in on their heads, use it as a water toy.... anything! [P.S. The color options are our favorite part!]



 Magnetic Tegu Tram: We're so excited about Tegu's new line of toys for ages 1-3. This magnetic tram is all the fun of Tegu's magnetic wooden blocks, but in a size and design especially for younger kiddos. 

Magnetic Tegu Tram

Three year-olds

On-The-Go Animal Playsets Soft and sweet, these cuddly critters will quickly pile into their home so you can conveniently take them with you when you're on the go! Each set includes four pets, choose from horses (pictured) or dogs. 
Design & Drill Sets: Perfect for little builders - a workbench and tool set designed just for them! Kids can hammer nails or use an electronic handheld screwdriver to drill bolts directly into the bench. Choose from a full-size set or a compact, portable version.
Jumbo Animals: Realistically detailed animals designed for little hands and big imaginations! Figures invite imaginative play and are perfect for vocabulary development. Activity guide includes facts about each animal and early science discussion starters. 
4 in a Box Puzzle Sets: We love that these puzzle sets grow with your little one's skills. Each set comes with 4 puzzles: one with 4 pieces, one with 6 pieces, one with 9 pieces, and one with 12 pieces. Let your kiddo start with the 4 piece puzzle and work her way up! 


Four year-olds

Faber Castell Do Art Travel Easel: Banish boredom! This 30+ piece set includes a wide variety of high quality art materials including beeswax crayons, markers, chalk, white wipe board marker, colored pencils, sharpener, sponge and sketch pad. Multi-functional surfaces include a chalkboard, a white wipe board and a drawing easel. Designed with storage and portability in mind, all the materials fit neatly in it when not in use. Browse the whole Faber Castell collection here.   
Tegu: Our love affair with Tegu continues! Beautiful sets of magnetic wooden blocks allow children to build and create. The 42-piece set is our favorite, because it comes with wheels, and it seems to be a universal truth that all toys are more fun when you add wheels. 


Squigz: We've carried the little brother, PipSquigz, for a while but this is our first year to bring Squigz into the shop and we're hooked! Silicone rubber pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes connect to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface. They flex. They stick. They suck people into creativity!



Magnatab: One of our top selling toys! Use the magnetic stylus to pull up beads with a satisfying click. Make a design, erase it using the side of the stylus, and start again! We love it for road trips, restaurants, or as a quiet activity to do before bed time. 



Grimm's 4 Elements Building Set: It's the ultimate Christmas present, and we think four is the perfect age for it! This set is a quality-toy-lovin' mama's dream. Stained wood blocks in a variety of unique shapes can be nested inside the wood frame like a puzzle or used for building and pretend play. It's beautiful AND offers countless open-ended play opportunities. 



Five year-olds

Faber Castell Art Sets: High quality art sets for young artists with a variety of tools and materials for drawing, painting, and creating. We think the sets are particularly gift-able, but you can shop the whole Faber Castell collection here too. 
FunShine Swing: Fact - kids LOVE swinging. Kids can enjoy a whole new slant on swinging with this adorable, comfy, stretchy swing. Tree hanger sold separately. 



Clip Cloppers: These stilts are designed to look and sound just like horse hooves. Stand on the hooves, grasp the ropes, and clip clop around!  Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, active play, and imaginative play.



Magnatiles: We're putting these in the five year-old category, but the best thing about these toys is that they are perfect for such a wide range of ages. Each tile has magnets along it's edges. The secret is the unique ability to attract even when the tiles are flipped. They always connect! Ages three to eight (and beyond!) will absolutely love these.

Little People Big Dreams series: Adorable illustrations? Check. Compelling stories? Check. We love this series as a fun way to introduce kids to women who changed the world. 



Six year-olds

Magnetic Build-Its: Another favorite for compact, portable play! All sets come with 4 background scenes and 3 sheets of magnets that adhere to the storage tin. 



Snap Circuits: Know a budding engineer? Snap Circuits sets make learning electronics easy and fun! Kids can complete fun projects like making a fan spin by flipping a switch. This product is for ages 8 and up, but kids as young as 5 can do it with parent guidance.

Playmobil Sets: The hype is real. Kids LOVE Playmobil. We love it because it encourages fine motor skills and pretend play. All sets include people and accessories to add to the fun.



Doodle It & Go Chalk Book: Another top seller! These reusable chalk doodle books are perfect for road trips, church, or restaurants. Each book includes four pieces of amazing dustless butter chalk. Just use a wet paper towel to clean the book and start again.



Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Trade out fairytales for 100 stories about extraordinary women ranging from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams. Illustrated by 60 female artists from every corner of the globe. Each story is one page long, perfect for bedtime.



And that's it! Happy Holidays, and happy shopping. Thank you for supporting our little shop <3. 


Team THL 

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