July 20, 2022 2 min read

Eating is (obviously) a very important part of a toddler's life... for my second child, it was THE most important part of his life, and to be honest, still is. While it is super important to give your kiddos interaction with real food (let them slice a banana, whisk eggs, wash dishes, butter toast, etc) it's also nice/convenient/clean to have some play food options for pretend play. We have the standard IKEA play kitchen at our house (it's nine years old and still in GREAT shape-- we love it!) and I know a lot of you guys have something similar. So here are a few of our favorite play food options to add to it.

1. Learning Resources Shape Sorting Cupcakes: This is our best-selling play food item. It's super versatile-- the cupcake tops come off, and must be matched to the bottom with the matching shape. So, play food and shape matching all in one!

2. Plan Toys Bread Set: This is a new product, and it could not be any cuter! We love that you can slice the loaf and pull apart the rolls. 


3. Hape Sushi Selection: If you have a little sushi lover in your life, we think this set would be such a fun addition. Kids love seeing foods they are familiar with in toy-form. 

4. Hape Egg Carton: Boiled or fried? One of each? This fun Hape egg set is one of their top sellers. You get three boiled eggs and three fried eggs. 

5. Plan Toys Assorted Fruits and Vegetables: If you don't have any play food yet, this is a GREAT starter set. Kids love "slicing" the fruits and veggies and we love the nice cutting board. 

6. Plan Toys Birthday Cake Set: This is the cutest birthday gift for a three or four year-old. Kiddos will love playing with the candles, serving cake, and personalizing the chalkboard name plate. 

If you really want to get some extra use out of your play food, consider getting a play cash register too. Your kiddos will love to play restaurant, and we bet they'll be taking your order and ringing you up all day long! We love this Learning Resources cash register

Browse these and other play food options here. Bon appetit! 



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