January 11, 2023 2 min read

Happy 2023! My New Year's resolution is to be "tidy", so I'm definitely in the right mind space to right this post. I've done so much purging and organizing in the last few weeks, and so far I'm still totally excited about it (possibly only days, or even hours (!) left of excitement! We shall see!). 

Three crates of varying sizes holding toys

One of our favorite options for toy storage are our Aykasa crates. These babies are foldable, stackable, and adorable. 

Crates of various colors stacked on one another

Aykasa crates are particularly suited for toy storage because their design means that the toy is still visible to the child. This keeps the toy top of mind, and means the child is more likely to reach for it. 

Three crates of varying sizes with toys in them

The crates come in three sizes. The large is **quite** large and would be ideal for stuffed animals, baby dolls and accessories, or other relatively light items. 

Woman holding large aykasa crate full of stuffed animals

large aykasa crate full of stuffed animals

The medium is great for Connetix or other magnetic tiles, block sets, large books, puzzles, and more. 

woman holding blue aykasa crate full of toys

blue aykasa crate holding toys

The small easily fits several Grapat mandala sets (and pretty perfectly fits the Grapat Carla), and is also a great option for small books, art supplies, Schleich animals, Maileg, and more. 

woman holding small pink aykasa crate

small aykasa crate filled with grapat mandala pieces

Each size stacks with other crates of the same size. They also come in TONS of colors, so you'll be able to find a few colors that go with your home. I love these crates because they are ideal for toy storage while still fitting in to the design and color pallet of your home. 

We also use these in other places around our home: the pantry, bathroom organization, the garage, etc. 


The colors are so fun! Happy organizing! Shop Aykasa here

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