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tonies® Traveling Songs

Hit the road (and the skies) with a collection of songs that will have you singing and dancing here, there and everywhere.


This Tonies teaches kids about:

  • Learn about the continents, planets and more!
  • Practice singing and dancing
  • Value curiosity and new experiences


  1. Traveling
  2. My Suitcase
  3. Loud & Clear
  4. I Spy
  5. She'll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain
  6. Around The Globe In A Circle
  7. Tell Me The Continents
  8. Hello!
  9. Wonders Of The World
  10. Solar System
  11. Once Around The Sun
  12. Going On A Bear Hunt
  13. All Around The Kitchen
  14. Train Is A Comin'
  15. Home On the Range

Length: approx. 48 minutes

Type: Music

Recommended for ages 3+