Playmobile Novelmore vs Burnham Raiders -- Tournament Area

In the great Guardian's Tournament, the knights of Novelmore and the Burnham Raiders duel in the Tournament Arena in various disciplines to gain a powerful ancient weapon - the legendary Guardian Sword.

Get ready for great knight adventures with Novelmore vs. Burnham Raiders Tournament Arena. Let the jousting begin and battle alongside the Novelmore Knights or the Burnham Raiders to claim the fabled Guardian Sword. Arwynn and Dash will have an exciting duel, both trying to be the first to shoot their cannonballs through the target rings and thus score as many points as possible. Who will emerge victorious in the end? With various targets, trap doors and functioning cannons, the tournament arena offers many opportunities for the knights to demonstrate their fighting and defense skills and can be attached to the Grand Castle of Novelmore (70220).


  • 219-piece knight playset with two PLAYMOBIL figures, a movable toy dragon, a tower and a wall element, as well as functioning cannons and numerous other extras for action-packed role play in the children's room
  • Great features: The tower is equipped with a breakthrough and a trapdoor that can be triggered by hitting the targets• No escape: In the lower part of the tower is a prison with two lockable gates
  • Object of desire: Above the battlements is a cage containing the mysterious guardian sword. To open the cage, the shield must be hit with a cannonball
  • A great birthday or Christmas gift for knight fans aged 4 and up

219 Pieces -- Figures: 1 Novelmore Knight (Arwynn), 1 Burnham Raider (Dash); Animals: 1 dragon; Accessories: 1 net, 1 pair of arm cuffs, 1 sword Novelmore, 1 dagger Novelmore, 2 cannon carts with wheels and cannon holder, 1 cannon, 2 cannonball shells, 1 headband, 1 small shield Novelmore, 1 pair of arm cuffs Burnham Raiders, 1 dagger Burnham Raiders, 1 sword Burnham Raiders, 1 small shield Burnham Raiders, 1 dragon cannon, 2 flame projectiles, 1 castle wall with door, 2 truss supports, 1 wooden platform, 1 cross link, 2 castle gates, 2 lattice windows, 2 lattice gates, 2 castle wall with window cutout, 1 trap door, 1 trap door lever, 3 door locks, 1 floor plate for trap door, 2 stone bases, 2 double battlements, 1 floor plate, 3 wooden walls, 1 wooden wall breakthrough, 1 rope ladder, 2 target shields, 2 fire bowls, 2 flames round, 2 flagpoles, 4 flags long, 4 chains, 1 trigger trapdoor, 1 wooden door, 1 turret frame stone, 1 ladder, 1 wall breakthrough stone, 1 cage, 1 wooden platform, 1 weir walk with net holder, 1 trapdoor metal, 1 crystal sword, 1 great sword, 1 front part great sword, 1 rear part Great Sword, 9 small flags, 1 large shield, 1 large shield handle, 1 shield with target, 1 adapter shield with target, 3 axes, 3 flame holders, 5 flames, 2 torch holders, 2 round metal handle, 3 rings, 1 barrel, 1 barrel lid, 3 flames small, 2 fences, 4 stand fence, 1 staff with target circle

Recommended for ages 4-10

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