Playmobil Rainbow Spinning Top

When spinning the top magically creates a rainbow effect. Rainbow princess with feathery skirt.

The new Rainbow World from PLAYMOBIL brings children into a romantic, cotton-white realm full of fantastic adventures. The rainbow princess loves to spin her colourful top. As if by magic, this creates a great rainbow effect.

Playmobil + Made in Germany


  • Enchanting princess playset with a PLAYMOBIL figure wearing a cloud skirt, a tiara and a rainbow to
  • Great effect: when the top is spun, the dots printed on it combine to form a rainbow
  • Heavenly dressing fun: the soft cloud skirt can be looped around the figure and fixed with a clip. The figure can sit with skirt.
  • Makes a great gift or souvenir for creative children aged 4 years and up

21 pieces -- Figures: 1 rainbow princess; Accessories: 1 tiara, 1 petticoat, 1 cloud skirt, 1 clip, 1 rainbow spinning top

Recommended for ages 4+

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