Grimm's Sloping Blocks

A tricky building set with blocks tilted at different angles. Only blocks of a matching color will complete a rectangle. All 6 blocks within one shade of color (blue/red/green/yellow/purple) have the same tilt angle and therefore will also complete a rectangle. A great introduction to color recognition and to complementary colors. By building and playing with the uneven blocks, children develop fine motor skills and spatial thinking skills. Shown here with the rainbow friends, pastel friends, large stepped pyramid, and wooden balls.

GRIMM'S Spiel und Holz Design + Made in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Pieces: 30 blocks in a wooden frame
Materials: lime wood finished with a non-toxic water-based color stain
Size: length of the wooden frame is 31 cm; individual blocks are 6 cm thick
Ages: 3+

Note: Grimm's toys are made from natural materials. These materials may have unique markings and natural characteristics such as wood grain, dark spots, and stripes. These special variations indicate that the toys are made from quality materials and are not considered defects.

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