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Grimm's Shapes and Colors

Seven colors and five different geometric forms offer a wide range of color, coordination and building combinations. Children experience and discover geometric properties through play.

Ideal for Kindergarten: For instance, each child or group chooses a color and everyone builds a house until a small colorful city of houses is created. By building and playing with the blocks, children develop fine motor skills and spatial thinking skills.

GRIMM'S Spiel und Holz Design + Made in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Pieces: 5 stackable wooden frames with 70 blocks total in different shapes (triangles, cubes, cuboids, cylinders, and plates/
Materials: lime wood, non-toxic plant based oil finish.
Size: frame measures 31 cm in length; single block lengths measure between 1-8 cm
Age: 3+

Note: Grimm's toys are made from natural materials. These materials may have unique markings and natural characteristics such as wood grain, dark spots, and stripes. These special variations indicate that the toys are made from quality materials and are not considered defects.