Grimm's Six-Piece Pastel Rainbow

The Grimm's Twelve Piece Pastel Rainbow's smaller sibling. Just as iconic, just as versatile. This pastel rainbow remains a favorite with children as they grow through the early years and beyond. Toddlers like to stack, sort, and build with the colorful arches. As they get older, they begin to use pieces for small-world play, making caves, dens, and tunnels for car chases. Perfect to combine with the Pastel Wooden Balls and Flamingo Pebbles.

GRIMM'S Spiel und Holz Design + Made in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Pieces: 6 pieces
Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain.
Size: length 17 cm
Ages: 1+

Note: Grimm's toys are made from natural materials. These materials may have unique markings and natural characteristics such as wood grain, dark spots, and stripes. These special variations indicate that the toys are made from quality materials and are not considered defects.

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