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Grapat LA Play Set -- Complementary Colors

Sort, build, and play with Grapat's LA set. This is the complementary color half of the super-popular LOLA building set. This set contains 36 pieces with 6 different complementary color pieces. The LO set includes: 6 big Lola, 6 mid Lola, 6 small Lola, 6 Tubes, 6 beakers, and 6 solid Tubes. Grapat uses primarily beech and birch wood and each item is hand painted.

Grapat + Made in Spain.

Pieces: 36

Materials: sustainably sourced wood, non-toxic water base dye.

Approx. Size: big Lola 2.55", mid Lola 1.77", small Lola 0.78", Tubes 2.75", beakers 2.75", solid tubes 2.75"

Recommended for ages 3+