BRIO 33887 Lift & Load Warehouse Set

Building vertical shapes has a natural thrill to it. The Lift & Load Warehouse Set makes just that possible, even irresistible. Build the stackable bridges, curves and sloping tracks right to the top of the warehouse. Let the lift carry the wagon all the way up, unload and watch it roll down. The set offers many layout options. You decide what to build – but build it high!


Pieces: 32 pieces -- 1x Warehouse Elevator, 1x Forklift, 1x Engine, 1x Wagon with Load, 2x Stackable Bridges, 2x Ascending Curve Tracks, 7x Support Pieces, 12x Wooden Tracks and Accessories

Specifications/Materials: wood, magnet, FSC, CE, Grüner Punkt

Recommended for ages 3+

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