Boogie Board® Scribble n' Play® Kids Drawing Tablet

The colorful, reusable kids drawing tablet with fun art texture tools

Scribble n’ Play is a reusable kids drawing tablet that’s great for helping kids discover their creativity. As a great alternative to scratch art crafts, this kids drawing tablet features the revolutionary Colorburst™ display that lets kids draw and create vivid rainbow colors.

Scribble n’ Play reusable kids drawing tablet includes a replaceable battery so there are no plugs or chargers laying around.

Boogie Board


  • 1 Scribble n’ Play kids drawing tablet with Colorburst™ and bumper case
  • One-touch button to erase the drawing tablet
  • Four (4) texture tools that attach to the bumper case


  • Kids can draw with the four texture-drawing tools that feature 16 textured tips and edges or anything they have on hand. Once kids are done, they just push the button and the kids drawing tablet erases itself – just like magic!
  • Scribble n’ Play in Stage 2: Explore: Exploring their writing and creative skills with simple doodles, recognizable illustrations and letter
  • Measures approx: 9.8" x 7.3" x 0.7"

Recommended for ages 4+

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