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Hey guys! We are going to start doing quick weekly blog posts of our favorite in-stock quarantine items. Locals, you have TWO ways to let us know that you will be doing a curbside pickup:

1. Select "Pick Up" instead of "Ship" at checkout. This has been a little buggy, hence option two.


Either way is great with us. You'll receive an email when your order is ready  (usually less than 24 hours). Curbside pickup is Monday through Saturday, 10-11AM. Give us a call when you get here. Pop your trunk and we'll place your order in your car. Or you if prefer, checkout as normal and we'll ship it. 

On with our top picks for the week!

1. Magna-Tiles! Quarantine is a great time to stock up on high-quality toys that will be loved for years. Magna-Tiles fit the bill, and we particularly love the new Metropolis set. If you're just starting out though, we recommend the 100 piece set.

 Magna-Tiles Metropolis set

Here's my kiddos playing with their Magna-Tiles on our garage door. Great activity when there's nice weather!

2. Jixelz! This is a great pick for the crafty kids, ages six and up. As an adult I love that it's kind of mindless and soothing, so maybe grab one for yourself too?!

Girl holding Jixelz

3. Arts and Crafts Library: Just ask my daughter. I generally loathe craft kits as they are usually really junky (we can't even mention the make-your-own-beads incident of 2019). But we have been loving our set from Kid Made Modern. High-quality and SO MUCH FUN! My kids have gotten hours of entertainment so far from this set, and we still have a lot left. 

Arts and crafts library

4. Puzzles. We restocked puzzles this week, and we hope to have more on the way very soon. Pick one that's a little too hard for your kiddo if you want to join in on the fun. We did the 500 piece Fantasy Orchestra and had a blast.

octopus puzzle

5. Brio. This is another high-quality classic toy. We recommend starting with one set plus the starter track pack. 

brio train set

That's our top picks for this week! We'll be back next week with more in-stock fun. Thank you guys for your support-- we're currently pondering the future of the playspace. We'll be re-opening to a different world and we're working through what that will look like. Can't wait till we can do this again: 


How cool are we? Don't answer that. 


Caitlin and Suzanne

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April 23, 2020

I remember the make your own beads. Truly frightening. Great picks! Thanks for sharing.

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