Bruder 02467 CAT Mini Excavator with Worker

The CAT mini excavator comes with ample accessories. The excavator bucket is detachable. The bonnet at the rear opens, the cab is glazed and its door opens. The excavator body rotates by 360° and the bucket arm by an additional 180° – just like the real thing.

Bruder 02467 + Made in Germany


  • Driver's cab can turn by 360°
  • Shovel can be removed
  • Engine hood can be opened
  • The plow blade is height-adjustable and can be raised/lowered and locked in position
  • CAT® construction worker with cap
  • Genuine chain links (not rubber treads)
  • The excavator arm can be used way beneath the level of the vehicle (e.g. for drainage work)
  • Fully functioning excavator arm

Dimensions: 16.1" x 6.4" x 7.1"

Ages: 4+

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