November 04, 2021 1 min read

Thank you so much to those who came out for our Wikki Stix pumpkin decorating! If you're looking for a fun and easy way to decorate pumpkins next Halloween, give this a try. 

 Two tables with chairs in the forefront, counter with pumpkins on it in the background

We had a variety of small pumpkins (bigger than the minis but smaller than pumpkin pie pumpkins) and a bunch of Wikki Stix. 

A basket full of various pumpkins, one is decorated with Wikki Stix

So cute, right?! 

A mom and a daughter putting Wikki Stix on a pumpkin

Our families had so much fun. 

Two sisters each holding their pumpkin decorated with Wikki Stix

Now, here is one word of warning. It was CHILLY the day we did this, and when I arrived in the morning, it was cold (60ish) inside THL. 

Little boy holding his Wikki Stix pumpkin

The Wikki Stix did NOT want to stick to the pumpkins. There was a brief moment of panic! 

Tub of various colors of Wikki Stix on a table

But cooler (warmer?) heads prevailed, we turned on the heater, and twenty minutes later everything had warmed up a bit and it worked just fine. 

Little girl with braids holding her pumpkin with Wikki Stix

So, I would say to keep your pumpkins and Wikki Stix at room temperature for an hour or so before you do this. But other than that, it was so easy and so fun!

Woman holding a Wikki Stix pumpkin decorated as a cat

Here's my cat pumpkin. Pretty fun!

Green basket full of Wikki Stix halloween favors

Each kiddo also got to take home a Wikki Stix Halloween favor. These come in a bag of fifty and are great non-food Halloween treats. 

Counter with a pumpkin patch banner and pumpkins on it

Thanks so much for coming! We hope you loved Wikki Stix as much as we do. 


Suzanne and Caitlin

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