March 10, 2019 2 min read

Have you visited our new space yet? To be honest.... we love it. 

THL Flex space fort worth play

One thing we knew we wanted to re-work when we moved was our party room. Since it was completely closed off from the playspace, it went unused 75% of the time. 

So, when we went to design the layout of our new space, we wanted an area that was somewhat contained for food and drinks during a party, but still gave parents a clear line of sight throughout both spaces. 

Fort Worth Playspace Flex space

We dubbed our new area the flex space, and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

Fort Worth Play Area

This space does double duty: during parties it's where we do cake, drinks, and food; during the rest of the time it is a space where we can have table top activities for the "older" crowd at THL. 

We change out the toys in the area every few weeks, but so far we've had our Way to Play roads, our Grimm's large stepped pyramid, Learning Resources jumbo animals, and a few different crafts. 

So, we do have a few rules to keep this space in ship-shape condition. First of all, our staff might close it at certain times for cleaning. This usually happens at the end of the day (around 5:30) or before a party or event. 

flex space rules

There are typically three tables set up in the flex space. One of these is the snack table. It typically has a sign on it that says "SNACK TABLE" and if for some reason it doesn't, ask our staff where to snack. This is the only place that we allow snacking. Making sure food and drink stay at this one table makes the THL experience so much more pleasant for everyone. 

We do also ask that our flex space materials stay in the flex space. Don't stress if your kiddo has his or her heart set on taking something from the flex space to the playspace. It's really no big deal. We just ask that you assist us in helping it find its way back home before you leave. 

The activities in the flex space are typically geared toward ages three to six. Younger kiddos are welcome, but materials may not be appropriate for mouthing and certain pieces may be too small for younger kiddos (especially when we have crafts set up) so please keep a close eye on them. 

We have loved seeing the creative ways your kiddos use this space over the past few months. It's such a great space for a quick after school activity too. 

Grimm's large stepped pyramid

Making the move to this new space was a big decision, and we didn't take it lightly. We are SO glad that you love the new space as much as we do, and we have really felt the support of our THL families. So... thank you!!

Fort Worth birthday parties

And oh yeah..... this is of course still where we host the cutest birthday parties around! 

the happy lark fort worth rocket party decor

Check out our TEN new party themes here

But party or play, we just can't wait to see you and your littles here! 


Caitlin and Suzanne


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