July 25, 2016 2 min read

I can't believe #bossbaby turned 6 months old last week! 


We've played with a LOT of toys over the past 6 months and I wanted share our faves! I'm a pediatric physical therapist and I co-own THL so I'm super into toys that promote development. BUT, I'm also a real mama and need toys that are durable and *most importantly* entertaining (so you know, I can eat dinner). 

It seems like there's an endless list of things that babies need, so if I could go back and whittle down to just a few toys - here's what I'd pick for those first few months:

1. Winkel 

This is my new go-to baby shower gift! I used to always give the Oball (which I still love), but I'm now obsessed with the Winkel because it's SO lightweight and easy to grasp - this was the first toy Lena was able to pick up.

The design of the ball made it super easy for Lena to get it in her mouth. As she got older and started to shake toys, we discovered it has a gentle, non-annoying rattle sound. She really enjoyed it at 2 months and is still finding new ways to enjoy it at 6 months! Love it.

2. Clip & Go Activity Animal

Lena has a couple different versions of these (this one, which we cleverly named "Foxy Fox" and this one, which we cleverly named "Mr. Moose Moose") and they're wonderful. They have different textures for her to touch and explore, and both have something that makes that crinkly sound - which for some reason babies LOVE.

We clipped them onto her activity gym when she was really little and because of their size, they hung down low enough that she could touch them easily. Now, we clip one onto her car seat and she always has a toy to play with when we're out and about. 

3. Activity Gym

As a pediatric PT, I cannot over emphasize the importance of floor time from an early age to let babies practice using their muscles against gravity. I'd recommend getting an activity gym before baby is born so you can start using it within the first few days! 

Lena loved looking at the hanging toys and we used the mirror that came with it to motivate her to lift her head up during tummy time. We liked this colorful mat by Mamas & Papas - unfortunately it's no longer in production but there are many similar products out there.

4. Whoozit Water Mat

I so wish I'd known about the Whoozit matearlier! You fill it up with water and there are foam pieces inside that move around when baby touches the mat. 

I just got it for Lena a few weeks ago, and she loves touching and watching it. We've been using it to help her learn to crawl by sliding it along the floor slowly to encourage her to move forward. Sometimes it slides a little on its own while her hand is on it, which helps her figure out how to move her body to keep up!  

That's our list -what about y'all? We'd love to hear about your favorite toys! 


Caitlin & Lena

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