November 05, 2016 3 min read

The Holidays are fast approaching, and we want to be your go-to place for gifts. We specialize in unique, educational, high-quality, and FUN toys for ages zero to six! This guide is written not only for parents, but also for aunts, uncles, godparents, etc., who may not have kids of their own. We've picked our very favorite products for each age, zero to six. Stop by our shop and check them out in person, or buy online! Free shipping on orders $50 and up now through Christmas. 

How to use this gift guide: Scroll down until you see the age you're shopping for. Click on that age to see all our favorites in one spot, or read below for a quick overview of each product. 

-Whoozit Water Mat: Perfect for tummy time. 

-BabyLit books: We <3 this series. Pick your favorite classic novel and share a little piece of it with your babe. 

-Classic Baby Beads: An eye-catching and stimulating toy to keep babies occupied. 

-Spin Again: Our best selling toy. Absolutely mesmerizing! 

-My Pal Truman and My Pal Clover: It's a pull toy, shape sorter, bead run, and more! 

-Oombeecube: This new take on a shape sorter is great for teething kiddos. And bonus: you can't lose the pieces! 

-Bilibo: This open-ended toy is a favorite of young kids. Sit on it, spin in it, carry your toys in it, use it as a helmet... endless possibilities! 

-Big Board books: We love the books below for two year-olds. They're larger than most board books, and are perfect for the rip-all-the-pages-out phase. 

-Funny Magnet Stackers: Mix and match these magnetic characters-- and make sure you keep the sturdy box for storage!

-Tegu: These magnetic wooden blocks encourage some seriously fun play. Test them out with a pocket pouch, or go with a larger set for maximum fun. 

-Story Box + Story Train: Use the box as the backdrop while playing, and then pack all the pieces neatly away in it when you're done. The trains fit on most wooden tracks (and are a total bargain for the world of wooden trains!). 

-Dragon Tin Tea set: This beautiful tea set is sure to be a favorite for many years. Kids love the fancy "clink!" sound the tin makes during a toast. 

-Magnatab: Try out the large glow-in-the-dark version, or pick the travel-size red version. We also have a capital letters model for writing beginners. 

-Mio Playing Eating Sleeping + 2 People Dollhouse: We can't get over the great design of this dollhouse. Use the modular pieces to create your own house and then pack everything neatly back into the largest box when you're done. The yard acts as the lid! Or, go for one of the smaller versions (you can always add the larger one on later. They work together seamlessly!). 

-Board Games: We're huge believers in the power of a good board game. It's an easy way to spend quality time with your kids, and different games encourage different skills in kiddos (including how to win and lose graciously!). 

-Magnatiles: Truthfully, Magnatiles are great for older and younger kids too! Hey grandparents, we love the idea of keeping a 100-piece set at your house. Grandkids of all ages will have fun building and creating! 

-Beeswax Crayons and coloring books: There's nothing like a good crayon and a fun coloring book. 

-Hazel Village: We can't get enough of these friendly woodland creatures (or their amazing wardrobes for that matter). We love the idea of buying a doll as a Christmas present and then buying additional outfits throughout the year. 

-Joinks: This take on a building toy combines the flexibility of silicone with wood dowels. Make your creations suction to the table (or wall?!) for extra fun. 

-Coloring Roll: This 10-foot long roll of paper is perfect for a rainy day (or maybe a way to kill time during Christmas break?). Crayons are included, so it's great for a day-trip to the grandparents' house too. 

-Magnetic Build-It: Use the tin box as your magnetic surface and then keep the backdrops and magnets nice and neat in the box when you're done. It's a perfect quite-time activity, or bring it along to a restaurant or in the car. 


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