August 15, 2023 2 min read

If you follow us on Instagram, you've probably seen our videos about our UPPAbaby products. Here's a few lesser-known things I love about the VISTA.

1. The HUGE canopy

.... but no really, it's huge! And while a huge canopy is good news for sun protection, it can make mamas nervous about ventilation. But never fear, the canopy has not one but two vented peek-a-boo windows that increase air circulation. 

vista stroller in a dark taupe color with the canopy fully extended

2. The adjustable handle:

This one's for the tall parents! You won't need to slouch to push the VISTA around. Easily extend the handle to your preferred height. 

3. The super-adjustable toddler seat:

We get it, some kids need to be positioned **just** so to get comfy. From upright to fully reclined, and a bunch of stops in between, the included toddler seat (which is good for ages 3 months and up-- I know, a bit of a strange name) is super easy to adjust. You can also adjust the foot rest (maybe a little extra support while they nap?). 

4. You can fold the stroller even when the piggyback is attached:

This one surprised me. Now while you can't fold the VISTA down in all of its MANY configurations, I think it's really handy that you don't have to remove the piggyback board to fold it down. It's also great how it stands up when it folds. 

 green stroller

5. Using the bassinet to transition a snoozing baby from walk to inside

I'm so jealous I didn't have this with my kids. How often does baby fall asleep on a nap and then you have to try to move them when you get home? Not with the VISTA! The included bassinet can be removed with one hand and then clipped into the bassinet stand (or, just set it on the floor!) for a safe place for baby to nap. 

gray bassinet stroller






Man talking to baby in a bassinet in a bedroom

So neat!!

Shop our UPPAbaby products here, or better yet, come see us in our Fort Worth shop to see them in person. 


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