April 04, 2019 2 min read

Happy spring, THL community! 

Dancing Ribbon Ring Craft

Do your kids own any dancing ribbon rings? 

Dancing Ribbon Ring Craft

My mom bought each of the grandkids one this Christmas and they are SO FUN! 

We thought it would be a fun make-and-take craft to do at THL. This is the sample that my daughter and I made. So fun and easy! This will be available at THL for an extra $3/ring when you come play at THL. 

Dancing Ribbon Ring Craft

We started with one wooden craft ring and five pieces of ribbon, cut to five feet each. 

Dancing Ribbon Ring Craft

Fold each piece in half, and then knot it onto the wooden ring. 

We looped the two ends through the middle and then tied in in a double-knot. (Um. Can you tell I'm KNOT a knot expert? Haha.) I wanted to give it a little extra security, but just a regular double knot would probably work too. 

Dancing Ribbon Ring Craft

And that's it! We scrunched all five together on one side. That way they all "flow" the same way and there's a nice handle for your little. 

This is my seven year-old, shoe-tying daughter doing the craft with me. The knots were challenging for her, but good practice. 

Dancing Ribbon Ring Craft

So what if your kiddo is younger than seven and no where near knot-tying age? 

Here are some ideas for how they can still help you complete their craft:

1. Let them choose their five colors. We will have several options available, but if they want all pink, that's great! 

2. Show them how to find the middle of each ribbon by folding it in half. If they don't want it tied right at the middle, that's okay too. The rings actually look really fun with varied lengths. 

3. You start the knot and then let them pull to tighten. 

4. Let them pick the order that their colors go in. 

5. Once completed, I'm sure they'll show you all SORTS of fun ways they can play with it! 

This craft will be available April 5th, and for the next few weeks (until we run out of wooden rings most likely!). It's an extra $3 per dancing ribbon ring with your playspace day pass or your membership. 

We'll see you soon!


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