January 25, 2022 2 min read

Hey THL friends! It probably won't surprise you that we are always looking for little opportunities to gift our kiddos a few lovely items, and we think Valentine's Day is a great opportunity. We love the idea of a small but thoughtful gift of looooove for our littles Valentines. Here's our tips on how to build the sweetest Valentine's basket for kiddo in five easy steps: 

A Valentine's gift basket for your kids

1. Pick your vessel: Every gift basket needs a vessel, and it's always for the best if it can be re-used and loved after serving its initial purpose. You guys have been LOVING our new Aykasa crates. We knew you would! We brought these in because not only are they perfect for a little gift basket like this, but they can stick around afterward as the cutest toy storage solutions. Toy storage containers are best if the child can see the toys inside-- and we think these cuties are the perfect combination of form and function. We have to size-- small and medium. 

Aykasa crates for toy storage, four aykasa crates

2. Find a filler: Every gift basket needs something soft to cradle the goodies inside. We're a big fan of using a Sarah's Silks playsilk (it can be one you already own, or buy a new one as part of your gift basket swag). In the shop we also have a bunch of crinkle craft paper that you're welcome to use to stuff your basket. 

Use a Sarah's Silk as a basket stuffer

3. Choose a candy: No Valentine's gift basket is complete without candy! We recently welcomed Candy Club to THL for a few reasons. It's adorable, it's DELICIOUS, and it's a reasonable amount of the sweet stuff. 

Candy Club for a Valentine's gift basket

4. Add a book (coloring or sticker books count too!): Not only is a book a great gift, but it offers some height and structure to your Valentine's gift basket. 

L is for Love book for Valentine's Day gift basket

5. Pick one or two small toys: Fill your basket out with one or two small toys. We love craft items and spring time toys, but whatever you think your kiddo will love is perfect. 

Grimm's Leonardo sticks

Ooly heart crayons

maileg mouse for valentine's gift basket

And that's it! Cute and fun, right? Shop all our recommended Valentine's gift basket items here


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