June 15, 2019 2 min read

Hey all! It's Suzanne, THL co-owner. As some of you know, we welcomed our third kiddo in November.

grime's seven friends in bowls

Piper is six and a half months now, and I've been super excited to buy her first piece of Grimm's. (Side note: I just can't get into the idea of a wooden teether. Do babies like chewing on wood....? If yours does, change my mind! I'm open. We really like the Winkel by Manhattan Toy and this PipSquig by Fat Brain. She does, in fact, chew on her Grimm's, but a little less intentionally than she does her other toys). 

grimm's seven friends in bowls

I ended up going with the seven friends in bowls and we are LOVING it! And by "we" I really do mean Piper and not just me. 

Here's the three things I love most about it:

Grimm's seven friends in bowls

1. The texture. I didn't realize until she interacted with her Grimm's, but all of Piper's toys to this point are very soft and smooth. Grimm's has a slightly rough texture, and it's been a fun new experience for her. She's very in to "scratching" things right now, including couch cushions, book pages, and my face (you know, the normal stuff!) and she particularly likes the rough texture of her friends and the nice tray they come on. It occurred to me after seeing how much she enjoys that sensation that there are probably many kids that don't have any toys with a more natural texture. 

2. It's going to grow with her. I can't wait to talk about colors, counting, matching, and more with these friends. I have no doubt they will be used for pretend play years from now. As our family tries to focus more on sustainability and having a smaller carbon foot print, I love choosing toys that will be loved for a long time. 

Grimm's seven friends in bowls

3. The focus on fine motor skills. Piper is really motivated by gross motor right now (**so** close to crawling!) so it's been nice to see her use these for some fine motor practice. These skills for her at the moment are as simple as picking up a toy and then letting it go (she still usually drops/throws it on accident as opposed to letting go of it intentionally, but it's so fun watching her learn). Eventually this will turn in to putting the friends in the bowl and taking them out. 

We are loving this set. If you've been thinking about making this your first Grimm's piece, go for it. We think you'll love it!

(P.S.-- aren't baby toes the best??)


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