June 02, 2022 2 min read

It is a universal truth that toy storage is a STRUGGLE. When I first had a baby, I used the typical storage cubes nestled in to a cubby for my toy storage. But now, I know better. While the cubes keep things out of sight, they also keep them out of mind. It's better to have the toys visible to kids. They are more likely to play with them, and isn't that what it's all about?

Picture of colorful wooden toys Grapat Nins Carla

But yes, that does mean that toys will be visible in your house. For some people that's not ideal, but there are ways to make it beautiful in your home. First, of course you should buy beautiful toys, which we happen to have in spades here at The Happy Lark! But second, you should choose a beautiful storage option. 

Many colorful crates

Many toys (for example, Grimm's rainbow) don't need a storage bin. Try to embrace the idea of simply setting larger toys out on an open shelf. Kids will reach for it way more frequently. But some items that have smaller pieces will of course need a way to stay contained. Case in point: most Grapat sets

colorful wooden toys in a yellow Aykasa crate

The Nins Carla set is one of our Grapat best-sellers. It has Nins (the little wooden people), rings, and coins and is a great option if you're considering one of the larger Grapat sets. While it does come with a nifty little storage bag, you'll probably want something else for a more permanent solution. 

off-white canvas storage bag folded

Enter one of our very favorite new-to-us-this-year brands, Aykasa. These foldable and stackable crates come in a ton of colors, so there is sure to be a few that match your home decor perfectly. This new mustard color is my new favorite. 

colorful wooden toys in a yellow crate

The small crate fits the Nins Carla set perfectly. It will look beautiful on a shelf and the toys are still visible to kids, so they're likely to get more play than if they were out of sight. 

colorful wooden toys in a yellow crate stacked on a blue crate

I use Aykasa crates in a lot of ways at my house-- toy storage, book storage, outdoor toys, and I plan to continue to add crates to my house for non-kid related purposes too (in our pantry, for example). 

red wooden toys on a red crate

Anyway, we thought it might be helpful for you to see this set in a crate so you can gauge how many toys they hold. For further reference, I have my Grimm's Giant Building Blocks in on of the medium Aykasa crates and it fits nicely. 

large wooden blocks in a yellow crate

I hope this was helpful! My Aykasa crates bring me a little bit of joy every day. Try them out!




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