December 10, 2015 2 min read

What's going in your little's stocking? Mine, for one, is definitely getting underwear. Because, ya know, kids. But I'm also throwing in a couple of these perfect stocking stuffers:

1. Wee Gallery Tattoos ($7.95-$8.95)

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Wee Gallery's temporary tattoos come in NINE different themed sets (12 tattoos in most sets), so you're sure to find one that matches your little's current interests.

2.Jump Ropes ($12.00)

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If your little gal or guy is ready to enter the wonderful world of jump roping, why not get them the world's cutest jump rope to start?

3. Stocking-shaped "The Night Before Christmas" (on sale for $12.75)

 We thought the shape of this book was a little funny at first, and it only took us a month or so to realize it was shaped to fit in a stocking. Genius! We love it!

4. Texas Teether ($15.00)

Texas teether grande

These guys have been super popular, and it's no wonder. Every tiny Texan needs one of these to chew on, and it's a huge bonus that they're handmade in the USA with quality materials.

5. Binoculars ($25.00)

11rlbin real binoculars hr grande

Few things spark the imagination of little explorers like binoculars. Foster your future bird watcher with this set of quality, real binoculars.

6. Tassel Necklace ($25.00)

Moon 2015 grande

Handmade by a daddy/daughter team in Atlanta, these necklaces are favorites of our little shoppers. We have several varieties, including a fawn, a pineapple, or a dinosaur. So fun!

7.  Hair Clips ($14.00)

Hello shiso cactus clips copy grande

Designed in Berkley, CA and handmade in Taiwan, these are possibly the most fun hair clips ever. If you're not a cactus person, we've got Scottie dogs, pineapples, hearts, stars, and more.

 8. BabyLit books ($9.99)

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You. Guys. Love. These. Books. And I don't blame you. They are sooo stinkin' cute. All the classics, but in baby form, and great illustrations to boot.


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