Playmobil Large City Zoo

Welcome to an exciting day at the Large City Zoo! Enjoy fun for the whole family as you explore the zoo and learn about different animals from all over the world. Pick up a map at the entrance so you know where to find your favorite animals and then cross under the brightly colored arch to start your adventure.

Playmobil + Made in Germany

Figures: 1 male farmer, 1 female farmer; Animals: 1 cow, 1 cat, 2 chickens, 6 chicks, 1 dove, 1 horse; Accessories: 1 silo, 1 flour sack, 2 hay bales, 1 straw bale, 3 fences, 5 connectors, 1 stable, 4 connecting hooks, 4 wooden boards, 2 feeding troughs, 2 tufts of grass, 1 hay fork, 1 rake

Recommended for ages 4+