Papoose Rainbow Ball Bowl Set

A baby's obsession with putting things in and taking things out may make our homes a little less tidy, but it is an important milestone. These seven felt bowls with seven felt balls each are the perfect toy for your container-loving babe. Chat about colors and counting, or use your imagination and pretend each ball is a different kind of food!

Papoose products are designed in Australia and handcrafted in Nepal by a women's Fair Trade co-operative. Their toys encourage imagination, movement, storytelling, and more. Papoose toys are made from natural materials, including Fair Trade 100% wool felt sourced from Nepal, and wood products that are handmade in Indonesia.

Papoose + Handmade in Indonesia

Pieces: 49 pieces

Materials: wool felt

Size: bowls measure approx. 4.5 inches in diameter

Recommended for Ages 1+