Grimm's Twelve-Piece Bright Rainbow

The Grimm's Twelve-Piece Bright Rainbow is a beautiful member to the famous Grimm's rainbow family. Toddlers like to stack, sort and build with the colorful arches. As they get older, they begin to use pieces for small-world play, making caves, dens, and tunnels for car chases. The pieces slide together neatly and are all hand-crafted and finished with non-toxic stains. Perfect in combination with the large rainbow semicircles, the six-piece bright rainbow, the rainbow building boards, the twelve rainbow friends, the six rainbow wooden balls, the small rainbow balls, and all other Grimm's sets.

GRIMM'S Spiel und Holz Design

Pieces: 12 Pieces
Materials: Cut from a single, solid piece of l ime wood, non-toxic water based color stain
Size: Length = 14.4", Height = 7.1", Depth = 2.9"
Ages: 0+