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Action Plates

Action Plates sends heroes to your rescue!

Make your own superheroes to color, or design your own comic book!

Mix and match the plates using the 10 different characters (with separate heads, bodies, and legs, that's 30 options!). Is your hero more cyborg, mysterious masked and hooded do-gooder, or part lizard?

Pick your 3 plates, lay them in the Action Plates holder and place a paper over the top. Close the plate holder securely and hold it with one hand while you rub with the side of the black crayon to reveal the image beneath.

Like classic comics, once you've got your figure in place, you can add action style star-bursts and sayings, as well as background patterns! You can actually add classic Ben-Day dots by coloring over the reverse side of one of the plates! You can also add stars or tiny lightning bolts!

There are 3 male figures and 3 female figures (although one of each could be either a male or female face).

Each figure features gadgets like a hovering skateboard or rocket boots!

Feel free to add your own embellishments to the figures and background. What does your Action Plates action scene look like?