Grimm's Pre-Order Program

We are excited to offer a Grimm's pre-order program for our customers! Do you have a Grimm's wishlist, but can't find everything you want in stock? Do you want a hard to find Grimm's item? Then pre-ordering is perfect for you! You can order any Grimm's item from us, regardless of if we typically stock it or not. Interested? See below -- please read full page if you plan to make an order to ensure a smooth process.

Pre-orders will be accepted periodically - announcements will be made on our social media and in our email newsletter.

Grimm's pre-orders are now CLOSED. Join our email list to be notified when they re-open. 

Pre-orders must be received and paid by the deadline. If you do not receive item(s) within 12 weeks of the deadline, we will offer you the option to a) continue to wait for your item(s) or b) receive a refund.

Note: We do not have pre-ordered items in stock! We will submit all pre-orders to Grimm's as soon as the deadline closes, and will ship items to you as we receive them from Grimm's. 

How to order:

1. Send us an email to with your order. Please put GRIMM'S PRE-ORDER in the subject line. 

2. For each item in your order, please indicate the name and item number according to the Grimm's website (note - item numbers will appear when you click into the product page).

3. Within 36 hours of receiving your email, we will respond with an invoice. Invoice must be paid by the deadline to ensure your pre-order is placed. If you would like to make a change to your order please email us before you pay. 

PRICING: If you're curious about the price of an item that we don't carry on our website, feel free to shoot us an email to and we can get back to you with that information. 

SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders will ship for our normal shipping rates

RETURNS: Pre-ordered items cannot be returned.

DISCOUNT CODES: We do not allow the use of discount codes on pre-order items. 

Questions? Contact us at